Tuesday, July 22, 2008


SORRY NO POST YESTERDAY - short post today.

My eyes, which are the original site, have been very painful the last few days and I have been experiencing blurriness in both eyes so typing isn't too easy. So this will be short too. Bear with me though ok? 

I am not quitting, I will continue and come out the other side. 

I have a question for those of you who have been through this before. It is one I have heard from a number of you about but I need more info on.

It is about varying the depth of the dives for CRPS patients after the third to fourth week of HBOT. 

Some patients have stated that once they hit the wall, once their pain actually started to get much worse before it improved which usually occurred around the third to fourth week of HBOT, that at their clinic they changed the treatment protocol at that point; especially full body CRPS patients. 

That instead of continuing the deeper dives that they had been doing they switched for a short time to shallower dives, to go after the sympathetic system if I understand it correctly. That the body is switching back to the central nerves instead of the sympathetic nerves, the signals are trying to re-route themselves to be sent along the correct pathways.

What ends up happening is what was affected last will go away first, and the first part of your body affected by CRPS will go away last. If I understand all of this correctly. 

I see it in my minds eye as a gallon jug of pain slowly draining away. The stuff on the bottom of the jug was put there first and will be the last to go. 

With full body, or systemic, CRPS it is made even more difficult because the disease is so entrenched, the bad pain pathways are so deeply embedded.

So, if you have been through the varied dives, especially if your clinic has done this on a regular basis, and/or yo have information you can share with me that I can share with everyone here, please email it to me at keeth@mac.com 

Ok, sorry so short but my eyes and hands and feet are a little rough today folks.

Thanks for understanding,


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