Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Ok, not the most exciting title. I'll work on that for tomorrow. 

Yesterday I dived (is it dived or dove?) to about 18 feet, standard depth for a first dive. This morning I went to the standard treatment depth for CRPS. I have to check with the Phil (the tech) on the exact depth I reached but I believe it was around double that. 

Yesterday I shared that I took a little something to help me relax so that I wouldn't be bothered by my claustrophobia. I wasn't, but I didn't feel it was the medication so today I didn't take anything and I was just fine. 

I didn't have any problems going into the chamber or being in the chamber today. Nor did I have any problems going to the deeper depth. As a matter of fact, I was actually quite surprised when Phil came over the the chamber and said, through the microphone, that I was already at 18 feet!

To pass the time today I watched a movie, it turned out to be a pretty bad one unfortunately. About the only issue I have going through the treatment so far is the noise that the chamber makes as it pumps in the oxygen. It isn't terribly noisy, you can hear the television over it, but for those of us with CRPS who do have issues with noise it can sometimes be a little troublesome. But you know, as I sat there listening to that noise I thought, if it takes listening to a little noise to get rid of some of my pain, it is certainly worth it. 

Which brings me to a question a few people have asked me. What do I expect to achieve with my treatment? If HBOT has been shown to help patients with CRPS as well as Fibromyalgia, which am I hoping or expecting it will help? 

Actually I am hoping and praying that it will help not only both of those things but also the problems I have with my eyes.  At the same time I have been through enough treatments over the years to realize that you have to go into any new treatment with 100% attitude that it will work  and balance it with an understanding that there is never a guarantee. 

Some things to note that I didn't get to touch on yesterday.

While undergoing this treatment they give you B-12 boosters and advise you to take 400 units of vitamin E. They monitor you to make sure you don't get too much of the B-12. Also, you will discover that while going through the treatment you will be need more sleep and want to eat more food. I was advised to make sure I eat and sleep, sleep and eat! While I may have to force myself to do that, I will try :)  

As a matter of fact, I am off to bed now. 

Before I go, someone asked for the link to the new HBO section on the American RSDHope site. It can be found by going to AMERICAN RSDHOPE HPERBARIC OXYGEN THERAPY  

You will find a lot of info there and more to be added.

Also, if you simply want information on CRPS (formerly known as RSD) or Fibro or Chronic Pain in general, you can get that by going to our main page, American RSDHope 

See you tomorrow, promise it will be longer!


For those of you new to the RSDHope family, welcome :)


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