Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Sometimes a pickle ... is just a pickle ...  

Many of us have gone to the Doctor and tried to explain to him, or her, exactly where our pain is. Sometimes there is an simple explanation ...

A man goes to the doctor and says to the doctor:
"It hurts when I press here" (pressing his side)
"And when I press here" (pressing the other side)
"And here" (his leg)
"And here, here and here" (his other leg, and both arms)

So the doctor examined him all over and finally discovered what was wrong... 

"You've got a broken finger! 

and then there is our disease. 

I hurt my foot. Now my ankle hurts too. It burns. Now I think my other foot is burning too. And it feels like my bones are being crushed, and it my foot is freezing all the time. yeah, I know I said it burns, but it is freezing too. Oh yeah, I forgot things a lot. And I have trouble concentrating. And my foot and leg keep having muscle spasms and these little red dots are appearing. Sometimes it feels like I have these creepy crawlies all over my foot and leg. And it seems swollen. Oh yeah, every time a breeze blows over it I scream. Did I mention that? And loud noises make it worse too. Am I depressed? Wouldn't you be? 

So, what is it? 

Now do you see why it is so hard for Drs to diagnose?

At the same time, patients who educate themselves about CRPS, and learn about these symptoms, see how obvious the set of symptoms are and think, "If someone came to me with these symptoms I would be able to spot CRPS right away!" Once you know what a kumquat looks like, they are easy to spot. 

For more information on the SYMPTOMS OF CRPS, drop by the American RSDHope website. 

Someone asked about the various MEDICATIONS USED TO TREAT CRPS, we have a section on the website for that. 

My latest flare has slowly quieted down, especially after todays HBO session. Today we did the shallower depth for 90 minutes, yesterday we went to the deeper depth (45 feet) for 90 minutes. 

Someone asked what the typical treatment depth was for CRPS. That is 45 feet, or 2.4 atm's. 

Something interesting I have noticed. I feel so rejuvenated after I get out of the chamber, even though i am tired. It is such a positive feeling. Hard to explain. Maybe someone else who has been through it or is going through it can explain it better than I.

I got an email from "Janice" and she shared - "I am on my 5th treatment and I am already seeng a big  difference.My stiff dystonic hands are starting to move much more freely and my dystonic feet /toes do not look at attention(my terminology). They seem more relaxed and they do not hurt at all. My calves are not permanently cold YAY!"

That is fantastic! Thanks for sharing Janice! 

She also mentioned that her clinic does not take patients to the 2.4 atm depth, not for CRPS or for any disease. I was a little surprised at that since most clinics I have talked with, and patients, it seems that that is the standard treatment depth for CRPS patients. But every clinic is entitled to treat their own way :) 

She seems to be having success right? Hopefully Janice will keep us informed as she approaches remission.

Short blog today. Time for dinner and then a Red Sox game. I am taking the night off! 

Tune in tomorrow :)

Peace, Keith

PS - Payback is a , well, a pain in the butt.

The CEO of a large HMO dies and goes to heaven. St. Peter shows him to a lovely villa, wonderful music, great views, full staff of servants, gourmet meals, etc.

The CEO says, "This is terrific!"

"Don't get too comfortable," says St. Peter. "You're only approved for a three-day stay."

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