Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Well, when my HBOT journey began a little over 6 weeks ago my CRPS was full body. For you newbies that means it was head to toenail and everywhere in between! Nearly every inch of my body. There were a few areas on my chest that didn't burn with the pain of CRPS, very small areas, and while my cheeks (facial) did have allodynia (extreme sensitivity to touch) they didn't burn. But other than that, pretty much everywhere else I was a mass of burning nerve endings with allodynia all over. 

My CRPS began in 1974 when I was hit in the face with a baseball. It fractured my cheekbones and broke my nose. I was 14. this started my CRPS in the eyes. It stayed in the eyes until 1985. Then in 1985 I was in a severe automobile accident and, among other injuries, I broke my back. That led to my CRPS spreading full body over the course of the next year or two. It got extremely severe within a year or two of that. 

That is basically what I have dealt with since then. 

Ok, we are up to speed. 

I will assume that those of you reading this have been following my blog, waiting with baited breath for each new installment! ha ha , ok, maybe not. But I hope you have found them helpful. I missed yesterday's as my uplink was down. Sort of a downlink. 

Last Sunday, on the third, I had one of the worst days "pain-wise" I have had in years. It continued on Monday to such a degree that I did not even go to my HBOT session. I felt like I had been hit by a truck, my pain went through the roof, my burning was horrific, and the allodynia was such that people ten feet away simply breathing were causing me pain!   other than that .... 

Because I had been forewarned that I would hit some walls along the way during this treatment, and had already hit a few of them, I was sort of prepared. Still, it was rough. But on Tuesday I knew I had to get right back in the chamber if I was going to beat this beast back down. It took me until Friday but eventually it was back in its' cage.

this past weekend I too a positive turn, a big one. I gained back the ground I had lost and then some. if you use % to describe how much of my body was covered in pain, then last Sunday it was back to about 99%. As of this past Sunday it was back down to about 40%. 

On Monday, after the chamber I was doing even better. As of this afternoon (Tuesday) after I left the chamber my pain is down to about 15% !!!!!!!  The main parts that are still affected are; the eyes (original CRPS site); the left leg, from the knee to the foot; and a little bit in the right foot. That is it!  

The allodynia is greatly reduced as well. It used to be everywhere, even in my mouth, my groin, my ears, well, everywhere. Now it is mainly in my left leg, from the knee through the foot; the right foot; and a little in the hands.

Isn't that great news! 

Such a huge change! i think there will be even more significant changes coming this week. I had something happen in the chamber today that was pretty kewl but it only lasted fifteen minutes. I am hoping it will happen again tomorrow and the relief will last much longer! I will say more on that tomorrow, hopefully!

Peace, Keith 

BTW, several people asked how the pool party went for the Tampa Bay CRPS group went and how the new Central Florida CRPS Society is coming along. 

The Pool party was a lot of fun. It rained for the first part of it but we had reserved the recreation room which had a full kitchen, big screen TV, pool table, etc. so we had fun down there until we could get out and start grilling! It was great fellowship and we got to know new people.

The Central Florida CRPS Society is going strong. Lots of new people getting involved and it should be a very strong group. 

If you need information on either group, let me know. 


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