Friday, December 5, 2008


It is well into flu season and if you haven't gotten your flu shot yet, best get your behind down to your Doctor, your local pharmacy, local clinic, or wherever shots are sold and get one! Or use the new mist if you have an aversion to the shots. 

Most places will accept Medicare for payment for the flu shot. 

Do you need to be careful of the actual injection itself? For fear of it aggravating your CRPS? 

You should always take as many precautions as you can any time you have any type of injections; whether it be as simple as a flu injection (not normally a big deal) or something more involved like taking blood. 

Make sure they do not use any needles in your CRPS affected area; if you have it in your arm/hand, make sure they use the other side for example. If you are having blood drawn, ask them to use the smallest needle possible, even if it takes a little longer to accomplish the purpose. 

Why do CRPS patients need a flu shot? 

Our immune systems are compromised because of the disease and we are more susceptible such things as the flu, coughs, colds, etc. 

Remember, you can't protect yourself from everyone else who carries the virus unless you are protected. The germs are passed on through the air, shopping carts, hand-shakes, door-knobs, and a hundred other things we touch every day.
So, take a few minutes and save yourself a winter full of misery. This years flu shot protects against 14 of the major flu's. Not flu-proof but pretty close :)



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