Sunday, August 30, 2009


September is Pain Awareness Month and the American Pain Foundation is asking everyone to help spread awareness by signing a petition.

Here is a quote from the text on their website;

" In recognition of September as Pain Awareness Month, the American Pain Foundation (APF) announces the launch of the Conquering Pain Together project ( “Conquering Pain Together” is an exciting new public awareness campaign that will be the focus of our efforts during the month of September—there are ways forEVERYONE to contribute to this campaign! Professional presentations and community events are planned in communities throughout the country to highlight the need for improved access to appropriate and effective pain care. The Conquering Pain Together site directs visitors to an online “I COMMIT” petition (don’t wait, sign on NOW!) and features a list of planned local activities to bring the topic of pain to the forefront. The site also includes an easy-to-use toolkit with materials to raise awareness about pain issues in communities and information about what YOU can do for the first-ever National Day of Action scheduled for September 26th. WE ENCOURAGE YOU TO TAKE ACTION AND JOIN THE MOVEMENT. "

If you visit the American Pain Foundation website you will see the story on September being Pain Awareness month and the link to the Petition. Pass it along to your friends!

In other news, we just sent out a little news bulletin, not really a newsletter just a few simple thoughts we wanted to pass along. I will share some of them in the next blog, which I will publish in a few minutes, in the hope that they will help some of you.



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