Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Response to Robin - What specifically ...


If you go through the blog it gives great detail as to the steps they took for the HBOT, it was pretty explicit I think, at least I tried to be, as to what they did each treatment. It is a fairly long and involved process and it changes every few treatments. In other words, your techs need to be able to adjust as you go along. It isn't set in stone the exact depth and so forth with CRPS patients because everyone is a little bit different. You may need to adjust a little up and down, the length of the time you need to take to achieve depth, to come back up, and of course the exact depth that works best for you.

Also, the exact depth you go to will change slightly depending on what treatment you are on. You start at one depth then that will change as you go along. That method seems to work the best. if you use the exact same depth the entire 20-40 dives, the likelihood of achieving much relief is pretty small.

What really concerned me about your comment though was your description of the therapist using, insisting, on the use of ice packs to treat the CRPS. If they KNOW you have CRPS and STILL insist on the use of ice packs, they do NOT know how to treat the disease and you need to find a new place to be treated. Not only can you do long-term damage to the protective sheaths surrounding your nerves, but you can accelerate the disease through the stages and/or cause it to spread.

Please go to our website and read the section on Physical Therapy and specifically the parts that discuss the use of ICE. PLEASE! ASAP

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