Sunday, January 22, 2012

New articles

We have posted a couple of new articles on the site, in the FDA section as well as in the Fibromyalgia and coping section (coping with pain and sleep), in case you haven't been there in January (2012).

We are trying to rotate the articles to keep them fresh on the new site. We won't keep as many as we had on the old site, it was just so much overload so as we add new ones, we will take the last one off in each category.

I did want to put in another plug for an article that we have on the site that I seem to refer a lot of patients to lately; Addiction, Dependence, and Tolerance - What is the Difference?

It seems there are still some Drs. who are confused about the differences between the three, probably because many medical boards are putting incredible pressure on them regarding the dosing of opiods, due to the illegal sale and use of them. It is a good article and may help some of you, especially with family and friends who ask about it. It is a very touchy subject lately.

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