Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Paula Abdul - again talks about CRPS

Ok, so yesterday Paula Abdul once again took to the airwaves to talk about our disease. 

This time it was to talk about a product she is now a spokeswoman for, something called Fembody. 

Those of you who have been around our disease for a while might remember she came out a few years back to discuss her weird and strange behavior on American Idull, she appeared very distracted and couldn't stop giggling, for instance. We know the distracted part could have been what many of us were feeling, too many years of the show, but she told Dr Oz that no, it was actually all part of this disease, our disease, CRPS, and that this stuff, fembody, and her diet high in the greens, is helping her a great deal. 

I have included a link that discusses the show in more detail as well as this new product that she is now endorsing. Before all of you go out and buy some, looking for an immediate cure though, remember to take such endorsements with a grain of salt. She is getting paid by this company, more than likely although I do not know the exact details, AND what works for one person does not always work for another. But what is good here is the info on all the greens. Greens in a diet for a CRPS patient "is a good thing". Here is the link to the Dr Oz Show and info

I am glad she is in less pain, no one should suffer from this horrible disease and any light she can shed on this disease, any brightness she can bring to our corner of the world is most welcome.

Be well everyone, 

peace, Keith 
American RSDHope

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