Thursday, March 28, 2013

CRPS Brochures available and new CRPS Bracelets


New and updated CRPS informational brochure is now available on American RSDHope's website.

We totally re-designed the CRPS / RSD brochure in March 2013, put it on glossy white card stock, the National CRPS Awareness Ribbon is poppin' on the cover, and if you get some to place in your Doctor's office or local hospital they are sure to catch people's eyes!

The first ones will be mailed out on April 1st, no joke! We will be sending 20 FREE copies to every CRPS/RSD Support Group we have listed on our website to help them get started on getting the word out. That is ONE THOUSAND CRPS BROCHURES hitting the streets right off the bat!


We have also added a brand new CRPS Awareness Bracelet designed by the PuraVida company! It is a very pretty bracelet that shows all the colors of the National Awareness CRPS Ribbon. You can read all about it and even order your own, for only $5, by VISITING HERE!

We have made a lot of changes to the website in many different palces as well.


Have you visited American RSDHope's FaceBook page yet? It isn't a huge, glossy, amazing page by any stretch of the imagination. We didn't want to take the time away from the work we do on the main RSDHope website, but what it IS and how it can benefit you to visit it and LIKE our page, is because what we do there is send out updates.

Whenever we update the website, add new sections, update existing sections, put out information (such as the info above), put out a notice such as the upcoming RSDSA conference, we put that notice out on FB as well. So while we encourage you to drop by our main website as often as possible to increase your knowledge of this disease (there is so much to learn), it is a great addition to have the FB page "liked" so you stay current on additions to the site.

That's all for now guys,

I won't promise I will try to post more often because I keep doing that and then don't follow through. As someone in the movies once said; there is doing and not doing, there is no try.

Peace and freedom from pain, it is all we seek;


American RSDHope

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