Monday, July 7, 2008


This one will be fairly short but tomorrow I have a couple more articles to share. We had a very bad thunderstorm all day here so I was unable to get on the internet for much of the day. Now it is after 10 pm and that is the time of day when my body gives out. I know that some CRPs patients stay up very late at night and get up very late in the morning, and for others, they go to bed early and get up early, and probably some go to bed early, get up late, or go to bed late and get up early. Now I am starting to sound like a bad Dr Seuss book;

I will not go to bed at eight,
I will not go to be too late.
I will not go, you cannot force me,
I will not go, so just divorce me!

Ok, so I'm no Dr Seuss.

I was thrilled to get back in the chamber this morning. After spending three days without it, after four straight days of HBOT, I can definitely say it was helping, it is helping already. How much it will end up helping I don't know, we won't know until we are done and maybe not for weeks or maybe months afterwards. From everything I have read, some patients keep improving after they stop treatments, sometimes weeks or months later. I am all for any treatment that you can say that about!

My vision was giving me a lot of trouble over the weekend, a lot of blurriness. After my treatment today it was a lot less blurry. I haven't noticed any improvement in the actual vision in the bad eye (my left eye is 20/450) but the blurriness was much less. I am going to look into going to an opthamologist in the coming week if possible because I want to track changes in the vision. 

I made sure to eat within 30 minutes after getting out of the chamber today and it helped with regards to the headaches. I had none today and we didn't change the depth, I went to about 44 feet again. 

One thing I wanted to mention. Wherever you go for treatment, (of course I highly recommend Dr Spiegels' facility) make sure you thoroughly check out the safety procedure's; everything from how they put the place together to what happens when there is a power outage to the training of the people on the staff. You are placing your life in these people's hands while you are in the chamber and you need to know these things. The facility should have no problem answering any of these questions. 

At Dr Spiegel's facility they have been eager to share this information with me, proud of the safety protocols, the way the facility was built, and especially eager to share the training involved.  I visited one facility, which shall remain nameless, and they let a friend of mine "test" one of the chambers without even checking what he had in his pockets! Now granted, there was no One-Ring-to-control-them-all in his pocketses, but they don't know what he had in there. 

Anyway, like any other procedure you have make sure you thoroughly investigate everything about it and the people involved.  This is one of those instances where you get what you pay for. 

I am bummed about one thing, all this diving down here and I never get to see any fish :(

I mentioned this to someone in the lobby of the clinic and she looked at me like I had lost my marbles.  

Maybe I have. I have been accused of worse.

Tomorrow, I will be sharing the information on home units versus hard-sided units as well as a few quotes from other patients who are going through the treatment and/or have gone through it recently. 

Thank you to everyone who has sent me emails of encouragement and who have mentioned they are praying for me. I appreciate it. 

Peace, Keith 

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