Sunday, September 7, 2008



Did you miss me? 

Just a little bit?

C'mon, you can admit it.  

the bad jokes, the dry sense of humor, the information thrown in with all of that? 

Ok, maybe not too much :)

After taking some time off to deal with hurricanes and to see what would happen if I took a couple of weeks off I will be going back to HBO Therapy tomorrow, Monday the 8th of September. 

How many treatments have I had now? Just under 7 weeks; 33 treatments altogether. Most of my treatments have lasted 90 minutes each, a few were 60 minutes. 

Many people have written to me asking what my protocol has been. I must stress that the exact protocol that Dr Spiegel and I put together for me was something he had never tried before.  So it would not be prudent for me to share the exact everyday protocol  because it isn't likely to be duplicated by whomever does your treatment.  

I will be back doing my daily blog beginning tomorrow, Monday. I hope you will join me.

Please send in any questions you have regarding the procedure, HBO therapy, the treatment overall, etc.  You can send them to or leave a comment here at the blog. 

If you have questions on CRPS I would be happy to try and answer them as well. 

Wish me continued luck and pray for me.

Peace, Keith 

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