Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Does anyone else watch America's Funniest Videos? Do you see these people doing the most insane things and wonder "How has the human race survived this long?, How can people actually do these stupid things and still be alive?"

But most importantly, and the question I ask myself ten times a show, HOW DO THESE PEOPLE NOT END UP WITH CRPS????

I am not one of those people who sits and says "Oh woe is me ... why me and not that person", things like that. But my gosh, people fall off buildings, get hit by cars, have porches fall on them, and get run over by mini-bikes but then get up and walk, or sometimes stumble, away and are just fine. 

Yet I hear story after story of CRPS patients who get it from everything ranging from stumbling their toe to spraining their ankle. Yes, there are much more serious injuries that can cause it; bullet and knife wounds, back injuries, etc., but many times our disease is caused by fairly simple injuries.

So, the question remains.

Am I the only one who watches this show and wonders this?

Or wait, should the question be, Am I the only one who watches this show? 

hey, I admit it. I like the show. It makes me laugh. I am constantly amazed at how stupid people can be. I am not a big fan of the baby stuff but that is probably because I don't have kids. 

Anyway, this is pretty far off topic. I just wondered.

So today I had my second day back at HBOT after my break. It went well. My body seemed to enjoy the oxygen boost of the last two days. My pain level is about what it was when I left just over two weeks ago. In other words, my relief held firm. I had a pain spike during the hurricane week but then it settled back down to the pre-storm level. 

I am at a pain level of about a 7 but that includes all of my pain issues; CRPS, failed back syndrome, neuropathy, fibromyalgia, etc.  My CRPS seems to be staying in my left knee to foot, my right foot, my eyes, ears, and that seems to be it right now. That is where it was when I left. 

My allodynia is in a few more areas, but it was before we stopped as well.

I have some questions for everyone who has been through this treatment, who has had 30 or more treatments. Did it affect your allodynia? The sensitivity to touch, sound, vibration? 

Did it affect your memory issues? Concentration problems?

If you have any input, please send it to keeths@mac.com

Thanks guys!


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