Sunday, February 15, 2009

CRPS Update - February 15th

Wow, what an interesting bunch of weeks it has been. 

I have been dealing with some medical issues, not related to CRPS, and one of them led to my having surgery. The surgery went well but I developed a problem following the surgery due to the placement of the IV and the amount of time I had cold fluids going into the area of the IV. It caused a lot of swelling and pain. I was extremely concerned about bringing back the CRPS in an area that the HBOT had sent it into remission. 

After two days of using pain patches, increased meds, etc. to no avail, I contacted Dr Spiegel. He is the Dr who did my HBOT. He suggested I come in right away and do a couple of dives to reduce the inflammation, thereby reducing the pain.


Even though I have experienced the benefits of HBOT before I wasn't prepared for the immediate relief it gave me. After the first of the two treatments the pain was cut by 75%, after the second and last, it was cut by about 90%. Thanks Dr Spiegel!

People have posted here and emailed me asking how the HBOT relief has held out. It is holding out very well. I am very impressed with the relief I got and how long it has helped. The main areas of my CRPS pain now are pretty much what they were at the end of the treatment. 

Remember, I had it full body. That means from head to toe, all four limbs, face, top of head, neck, shoulders, back, chest, eyes, ears, etc. 

Following my treatments it was reduced to the eyes (original site from 1974), ears, feet, lower left leg, and hands. That is pretty much where it is now. 

Cost? I saw a report that said HBOT was extremely expensive. My question, which they never asked, was "Compared to what?" Plus, it is non-invasive, unlike so many of these other treatments and implants that require surgery or surgeries. But I digress :)

Off I go.

Take care folks. It is rough out there right now. 



jacquelyn said...

hi kieth. I know this is the all too common question, but can you say how many treatments of HBO it took before you felt a difference? I am currently in the middle of treatment and looking for some personal feedback. Thanks very much.

Keith said...


It really depends on the patient. There are just too many factors and variables to say "ten, fifteen, or twenty-five".

You have some patients who have had the disease for 1 year or ten years, have it in one limb or full-body, have CRPS Type I or Type II, or even a combination of the above.

Then you add in the various methods used by different clinics; depths used, lengths of treatments, etc. and you have different success rates.

Then add in how the patients follow the suggestions given in blogs like this and by the technicians themselves regarding how to deal with the treatments; taking supplements, getting enough rest, eating properly, getting through the wall, etc.

So you can see, there is no easy answer. It will be different for everyone.