Friday, April 17, 2009

How many HBO Treatments does it take for CRPS patients to notice a difference in their pain?

Someone asked "How many treatments does it take to notice a difference?"

I wanted to share the answer here because it is a great question.

It really depends on the patient. There are just too many factors and variables to say specifically; "ten, fifteen, or twenty-five".

You have some patients who have had the disease for 1 year or ten years, have it in one limb or full-body, have CRPS Type I or Type II, or even a combination of the above.

Then you add in the various methods used by different clinics; depths used, lengths of treatments, etc. and you have different success rates.

Then add in how the patients follow the suggestions given in blogs like this and by the technicians themselves regarding how to deal with the treatments; taking supplements, getting enough rest, eating properly, getting through the wall, etc.

So you can see, there is no easy answer. It will be different for everyone.

Hope this helps!

Peace, Keith

American RSDHope

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