Friday, April 17, 2009

Oxycodone dhortage, FDA information

I have to apologize for being gone a while. I have been undergoing some surgeries these last few months. 

In the next blog I will share some tips on how best to handle surgery as  I learned a lot between the two. 

But first I wanted to share some information on a very hot topic; the shortage of oxycodone across the country. This is causing a real problem for chronic pain patients. If you have run into this already and haven't learned why, please check out the following link for more information;

copy and paste the following link into your browser;

If you have any questions, drop me a line at

peace, Keith


Barbara Kivowitz said...

looking forward to hearing what you learned about surgeries

Tough Cookie said...

Hi, Keith! My name is Maria, and I just came across your blog for the first time. I am a 24 y/o former collegiate runner with CRPS that has spread to both legs, every inch, and even into my arms now. I'm also in graduate school and one year down toward getting my M.S.W.

I keep a blog myself of my journey, and I am so excited to keep up with your writings now.

Tough Cookie said...

Also, I just saw you are part of rsd hope foundation. I would do absolutely anything to help out. I am a clinical social work student working toward a certification in mental health. My goal is to work with chronic pain patients doing therapeutic interventions of any sort to help people cope with pain and illness. I've also been in therapy for a year myself prior to starting graduate school, so I am very knowledgeable (both personally and academically) in that area. I would love to be of service!

Looking forward to talking to you!