Monday, July 7, 2014

Donating to websites online or buying items online

Unfortunately, some of us have been victims of someone soliciting funds for a cause. We want to remind you before you buy something from, or donate to someone stating they are giving some of those funds to a specific charity, a 501(3)(c), such as American RSDHope, RSDSA, etc., that you confirm with the organization receiving funds that it's true. Or that there is a legitimate connection between the "donator" and "donatee."  Call the organization, email them, and make sure BEFORE you buy or donate that there is indeed a legitimate connection there. 

We don't like to think that someone would want to cash in on a disease, but we have all seen it in the news. Just be informed. 

If you want to be sure that someone is raising funds for American Rsdhope you can email us or you can call us  at (207) 583-4589. You can also visit our CONTACT US page on our website. 

I am sure you can contact the RSDSA via their website , , if the person raising the money says they are doing so on their behalf.

Thank you everyone! 


Keith Orsini
American RSDHope

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