Monday, July 7, 2014

Simulating a block by having your foot fall asleep -email questions

I have never heard of doing that and I am not sure how that would work.

Sorry it took so long to respond, we have had an inordinate number of patient emails sent to our our website.

In the future, if anyone has any questions for me or anyone at American RSDHope they will get answered much more quickly if you email us directly at

We get about 150 emails per day between us and typically patients get a response within a few days, we try our hardest. We also make sure not to get behind so we respond as quickly as we can . They can really pile up if you don't!

Thank you to everyone who writes in to tell us how much they have enjoyed our website, how much it has helped them. We greatly enjoy hearing the feedback and knowing that what we are doing works. Our website is approaching 17 million visitors this year, 2014, and next year will mark twenty years that American RSDHope has had their doors open. It hasn't always been easy, physically or financially, but with all of you helping us we have made it.

Have a wonderful week!

Peace, Keith Orsini
American RSDHope

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